Orders and Returns

Order Status

Order Status So, what it means
Pending You have already created the order from our site. A call from our sales team is yet to be made for the order confirmation. You will get the call within an hour from sales team for the order confirmation
Confirmed We already have made a contact to you and you have confirmed the order and we are processing the order right now. 
Queuing  We have already completed your order processing. Your product as per your order is all packed and is in queue state for the delivery.
Dispatched  Your order is en-route to you. Order has been dispatched.
Delivered / Paid  You have received your order and the payment has been completed.
Unpaid  You have received your order, however your payment is due.
Scheduled and confirmed  We have already made a contact with your and have confirmed the order and have scheduled your order on a said date. 
Paid exchange  Your order was delivered to you and we have received the payment, however you asked for the exchange for the item. 
Refund  Your order was delivered to you, payment was done. However, you asked for the full refund. 
Exchange  Your order was delivered, however you asked for the exchange (different size or colour) at the time of delivery. Payment wasn’t done. 



Order Information

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